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Body Alignment - Structural Integrity

The basic concept and philosophy of chiropractic is to restore normal motion and alignment of the spine and extremities, while improving the muscular strength and integrity of the ligaments which maintain the alignment.

This is so vital as the communication from the brain to body is via the nervous system and it is only as good as the proper movement of the joints.

Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a system developed by Dr. George Goodheart, D.C., to study the reaction of the body to muscle stimulus. The examiner can find either strong or weak muscles through manual muscle testing. Each muscle has a relationship to various organs and meridians of the body. The examiner can utilize this process to help determine what correction need to be made in order to strengthen the body, whether it is physical, chemical or emotional in its origin.

This is not like most practitioners who say they do "muscle testing." Dr. Best is an ICAK certified practitioner of AK and has study and taught more than 1,000 hours of the this specific technique. Reliability in testing comes with experience.

Activator Technique - LOW FORCE

Dr. Best is proficient in many manual adjusting techniques, including Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, but may also use "LOW-FORCE" adjusting.

Primarily in low force adjusting Dr. Best uses the Activator adjustment. Corrections are made possible because all the force from the instrument is applied to a very small specific area of the spine. This provides not only very specific adjusting, but does so because the body creates very little resistance to the Activator instrument as mechano receptors barely engage, allowing for improved movement in the area being adjusted.

Dr. Best also utilizes sacro-occipital technique and blocking for more low-force adjusting protocols.

Body, Mind & Spirit

Dr. Best realizes that there are 3 influences in the Triad of Health. Any stress in these three areas: structural, chemical and emotional - can adversely affect a person's health.

Chiropractic adjusting, core building and physiotherapy treat the structure. Nutritional imbalances and environmental exposure to toxins affect the chemical stress of the body, which in turn can affect the mind.

Meditation, visualization and reconnecting with nature and source may nurture the mind and spirit.

All elements need to be balanced in the body for perfect health.

Books, Seminars and Workshops

Dr. Best has written the book "Rewriting Your Life - An Owner's Manual" which is a technical book to apply principles which help to 'rewire' your brain. Often times we can't stop worrying about the future or rehashing the past which gets in the way of creating what we want in our life. It also may adversely affect our health by the way we think.

In this book and seminars Dr. Best offers, you will learn how the brain works and how to implement real life changes to create more happiness and better health. Enter this site now.